Restaurant refurbishment services Bristol – The Jones Food Co Project

We’re all about turning complex challenges into functional, beautiful spaces that meet our client’s unique needs. A prime example of our approach in action is our recent project for Jones Food Co in Lydney. Let’s dive into how we brought their vision to life, reflecting our comprehensive services and offering some tips along the way.

Understanding Client Needs
Our project with Jones Food Co aimed to support their mission of revolutionizing vertical farming. From the early stages, we worked closely with them to ensure that the design and layout of their space were aligned with their requirements, tight timelines, and budget. Always start by understanding your client’s business goals, as it guides every decision from conception to completion.

Always start with a clear understanding of your client’s business goals. It shapes every decision, from design to execution.

Comprehensive Services as the Main Contractor

As the main contractor, we provided a broad spectrum of services. The office design included new MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems, offices, meeting rooms equipped with audio-visual technology, a reception area, and a staff canteen. Given the nature of Jones Food Co’s work, we also had to integrate clean and “dirty” changing facilities with a clear flow to and from the farm area. Functionality is key. Consider the flow of people and operations when designing workspaces, especially in industries with specific operational needs.

Functionality is key. Consider the flow of people and operations when designing workspaces, especially in industries with specific operational needs.

Tackling Unique Design Challenges

The office complex project presented a challenging task of designing a single-storey building attached to the main vertical farm building. We had to perform substantial strip-out, demolition, and alterations before starting the fit-out works. The design had to cater to a very linear layout as the space was extremely long and thin, running parallel to the main building that was over 200m in length. Our team had to carefully design a layout that included a completely new MEP system, offices, meeting rooms with AV, reception, canteen area for all staff, first aid, and clean and “dirty” changing facilities due to the nature of the business. Crucially, the layout was designed to ensure a clearly segregated flow of people to and from the main vertical farm area. Despite the spatial constraints, our team came up with a streamlined design that maximized functionality without compromising aesthetics.

Meeting Tight Deadlines
Delivering this project on time was critical to coincide with the growth cycles of products in the main vertical farm. Our early engagement and meticulous planning ensured we met these critical deadlines without compromising on quality.

Effective project management and early planning are essential to meeting tight deadlines. Stay ahead with clear timelines and regular check-ins.

Sticking to Budget
Balancing creative designs and budgetary limitations can be an exciting challenge that encourages resourcefulness. By working closely with Jones Food Co, we ensured their budget was respected throughout the project, from initial designs to final touches.

Keep the budget in check by prioritising essential features and maintaining open communication with your client about costs.

The Jones Food Co project is a testament to our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions that not only meet our client’s functional needs but also support their broader business objectives. Whether it’s a unique office fit-out or an industry-specific facility, our team is ready to bring your vision to life.

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