Bespoke Reception Desk at Cargo Work by Simple Simon Spaces

We love working on projects that combine great design with practical functionality. Our recent collaboration with Simple Simon Spaces, who designed the amazing new desk and over-desk structure for Cargo Work, is a perfect example of this. We’re proud to have played a part in this beautiful project by handling the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) works, including power and lighting installations, data systems, and door access control.

The Project

Simple Simon Spaces created a fantastic new desk and over-desk structure that not only looks good but also helps boost productivity and comfort. We were thrilled to team up with them to bring this vision to life.

Our Contributions

MEP Works

  • Power Installation
    A reliable power supply is crucial for any workspace. Our team made sure the new desk and over-desk structure had strong and safe power connections to support all the necessary office equipment and devices.
  • Lighting Installation
    Good lighting is key to a productive work environment. We installed energy-efficient lighting that provides great illumination without causing glare or eye strain. The lighting also adds to the workspace’s overall look.
  • Data Systems
    In today’s digital age, seamless data connectivity is essential. We set up the necessary data cabling and network connections to ensure the workspace is ready for high-speed internet and efficient communication.
  • Door Access Control
    Security is important for any office. We installed advanced door access control systems to provide secure entry points, ensuring only authorized personnel can access the workspace.

The Result

The finished workspace is a great example of what happens when collaboration and expertise come together. The new desk and over-desk structure designed by Simple Simon Spaces, along with our reliable MEP installations, create a space that is both beautiful and functional. This project meets the practical needs of its users and provides an inspiring environment that boosts creativity and productivity.

We’re proud of our ability to enhance innovative designs with our technical skills. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work on such an amazing project and look forward to future collaborations that blend style and functionality.

If you have a project that needs expert MEP installations or if you want to upgrade your workspace with advanced access control systems, let’s talk.